Aristya Silver Bali
Two Tiger Heads with Tikah Style Silver Bangle

Two Tiger Heads with Tikah Style Silver Bangle

Code: AGL2435

Available Quantity : 4
Minimum Order : 1
Dimension : 8 inch
Height : 6.6 mm
Width : 0 mm
Weight : 45.40 gr



The word "Tikah" means traditional mat in Balinese language. The most popular material of the traditional mat is "Daun Pandan" or often called pandanus palms, these plants are not closely related to palm trees.These plants grow from sea level to 3,300 m (10,800 ft). Pandanus trees are of cultural, health, and economic importance in the Pacific, second only to the coconut on atolls.Pandanus leaves are used for handicrafts. Artisans collect the leaves from plants in the wild, cutting only mature leaves so that the plant will naturally regenerate. The leaves are sliced into fine strips and sorted for further processing. Weavers produce basic pandan mats of standard size or roll the leaves into pandan ropes for other designs.