Aristya Silver Bali
Abalone Silver Necklace "Archipelago" Style

Abalone Silver Necklace "Archipelago" Style

Code: AKL798

Available Quantity : 4
Minimum Order : 2
Dimension : 18 inch
Height : 72 mm
Width : 130 mm
Weight : 48.10 gr

Product stone/name:


Indonesia is often referred to as the world's largest archipelago, a name which aptly represents its 17,000 or so islands which span more than 5000 km (around 3,200 miles) eastward from Sabang in northern Sumatra to Merauke in Irian Jaya. If you superimpose a map of Indonesia over one of Europe, you will find that it stretches from Ireland to Iran; compared to the United States, it covers the area from California to Bermuda.We are proud as part of this legacy and we successfully made a necklace design that represented our islands that interconnected each other by the link of seas.