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is one of the well-known jewelry stores in Bali that is located in the main street of Celuk village. The village itself is known for its talented jewelers with a well divined hand-made silver crafted jewelry. Since it is located between Batubulan village which is known for its stone carving arts, Barong dances, and Sukawati village for its tradtional market, Celuk has become a one-way stop merchandise shopping for travelers. Additionally, it is also leading such travelers to Ubud village that is famously known as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Therefore, tourists from all around the globe find it very convenient to visit every single jewelry store decently located along the main street of Celuk.

Established in 1987, the idea on starting a business came from I Ketut Sunarya and Ni Made Wartari, who themselves are jewelers by heritage. The store that was previously built in Ubud is now mostly managed by their sons, Octa, Indra, Wisnu. Our store has some of the best choices of sterling silver in town. For a such wholesale and retail business, our prices are considered pretty affordable. In addition, we are open daily starting at 9 AM until 5 PM.

We provide a big range variety of sterling silver jewelry that are designed and crafted by talented, passionated and cared silver smiths. Therefore, appreciation from the Indonesian government for our achievement to introduce traditionally handcrafted arts worldwide is often times receieved. We have been joining tons of jewelry exhibitions/trade shows, both domestically and internationally. Our international shows are mainly located in the U.S.A. since our biggest customers are mostly coming from there. Furthermore, we have been doing such exhibitions for more than a decade. Not only the American customers that we have, but also some of them come from countries, such as Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, and Australia.


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