Aristya Silver Bali

About Us

Aristya Silver Bali is one of the well-known jewelry shops in bali that is located in the main street of Celuk. Celuk is known by its talented jewelers and the beauty of hand-made silver crafted jewelry. Therefore, tourists from all over the world are willing to spend most of their time visiting every single jewelry store that is conveniently placed along the main street of Celuk. Our shop has the most variety of silver in town. In addition, we do wholesale and retail with absolutely affordable prices. We are open every day from 9.00 Am - 5.00 PM. Established in 1987, Aristya Silver Bali is owned by I Ketut Sunarya and Ni Made Wartari, who themselves are the finest jewelers in town. Also, the business is now managed by their own sons, Octa Aristya with his brother, Indra Lesmana. Additionally, Aristya Silver Bali provides many different types of sterling silver jewelry that are designed and crafted with the talented silver smiths with passion and care. Aristya Silver Bali, moreover, has been attending many jewelry exhibitions/conferences both domestically and internationally. Our international shows are mainly located in the U.S. in which we have been doing for more than a decade. Therefore, we have our representative that is based in Claremount, California. Our biggest customers are mostly coming from the United States, Italy, Spain, Hong kong, and Australia.

» History

Established in 1987 Aristya Silver Bali is now spreading its wings and becoming a larger silver jewelry business for the highest tendency of hard work and of course with all the blessing from the Gods.

» Our Team

Our silver smiths are mostly those who are experienced enough

» Quality Control

To maintain our quality control, once, again, Aristya Silver Bali only hired the “much experienced silver smiths”